From Matsuyama, Ehime to the World High Quality “Made in Japan” Solar Panel

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Six strength of E-SOLAR

Corporation Data

Headquarter   1-21-12, Furukawa-minami, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime 790-0943, Japan
Establishment   2011/11/18  
Business   Manufacture and sell photovoltaic (PV) solar module
Manufacture and sell photovoltaic (PV) solar system
Factory Matsuyama Factory (Ehime-ken, Matsuyama-shi)

The leading-edge fully automatic production line
realizes the high-end Japanese-made solar panels at low cost.

E-SOLAR makes a great deal of “high-spec” and “Japanese-made” in solar module manufacturing, so that our plant is located in Matsuyama, one of the most historic cities in Japan.
We constructed a leading-edge, fully automatic production line in this plant, which includes 360-degree flexibly movable robotic-arms, and a complete inspection system.
We proudly present our “Japanese-made” solar modules at low cost with high quality from Matsuyama to the world.

About Factory

Location 1-21-12, Furukawa-minami, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime 790-0943, Japan
Business   Develop, manufacture and sell photovoltaic (PV) solar module

1) First 97% automated production of the industry

High-Speed Cell Tester
Projects pseudo sunlight to each solar cell, measures the generated output, etc., and classifies cells in categories.
Double-Head Automatic Cell String Machine
Connects the light receiving sides and backsides of cells in series with ribbon wire to make a string.
String Inspection
Six items are inspected simultaneously to check chip-offs and cracks in the cells, bending of the strings, etc., at a single camera inspection.
Automatic Lay-up Machine
Arranges (strings) in alternate direction.
Automatic Lateral Tab Attaching Machine
Solders the adjacent strings with ribbon wire to form electrodes. Completed strings are inspected visually.
Material Laying Machine
Supplies tempered glass, encapsulate film (EVA), cell matrixes, and protective back sheets, which are the raw materials for the solar module, to the production line automatically.
EL Inspection Machine
Checks the images of cell matrixes to detect cracks.
Vacuum Laminator
Heats and presses each modules made of layered material under the vacuum condition to form a panel.
Automatic Trimming Machine
Cuts encapsulate film (EVA) and back sheets extruded from the laminated modules.
Visual Inspection and EL Inspection Machine
Visually checks for inclusions, dirts on the modules and misalignment of strings. Detects cracks in the cells by EL inspection.
Automatic Framing Machine
Attaches frames to prevent deterioration of modules and to increase the strength.
POT Tester and Module Tester
Applies high voltage to the modules to check for leakage and radiates pseudo sunlight to measure the output and performance.

2) ISO quality management system

3) Top-class power output of the industry

The Power of Made in Japan
High-Quality, Long-Term Reliability Meets Global Standards

Solar Modules ? the key to the next generation energy solution ? require high-spec, long-term reliability to create electric power efficiently. E-SOLAR’s modules will provide reliable quality and long-term security because we integrate our material purchasing, quality control, sales, and support service as a one-step service. We trust in the power of “Made in Japan.”

4) Parent company, the wafer maker, help to cost-down


E-SOLAR adopts the leading-edge fully automatic production line to develop, design and manufacture the solar modules. Its Taiwan parent company, EVERSOL CORPORATION, manages from material purchasing to quality control as a one-step service, and provides the high-end Japanese-made solar modules and complete support at low cost.

5) Long-term power output and product defect warranty

6) Total solution from installation to support services

E-SOLAR successfully integrates the material purchasing, quality control, sales, and support service as a total solution. We provides well-qualified residential and industrial solar power system to Japanese and global market.