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太陽光発電システム補助金制度申込公式サイト[J-PEC 太陽光発電普及拡大センター]





Do you have any unused land such as idle lands or building roofs?
According to FIT, power purchase agreement is promised for 20 years in Japan
Solar power system which was installed within a time frame of the policy could apply for Green Investment Tax Break in Japan

If you install the solar power system on the roof, it blocks sun-heat helpful to save power expense
Protect the environment by reducing CO2, and PR effect to your region or your customers is also expectable
Solar power system also draws attention because it could provide electric power source at the time of emergency

Simulation of Investment Return

Are you interested in the annual power generation and power selling revenue after installing a solar power system? Please refer the simulation example below.

50kW Solar Power System

(Assume a building roof-type case)
System Info
Capacity: 50.4kW
Direction: South
Location: Ehime-ken, Imabari-shi
Angle: 30°
Modules: 240pcs

Simulation for reference
(Selling price: JPY 32/kWh w/o tax for 20 years)

Est. Quotation of Installation: JY 350,000/kW w/o tax
Est. Generation Capacity: 60,480kWh/Year
Sales Revenue of Power: JPY 1,935,360/Year
Investment Return Period: 9.1 years
Sales Revenue of the Rest 10.9 years: JPY 21,067,200
*The system capacity, construction and components will be different according to the installation sites’ types or conditions. Installation cost might be various as well. Above is just example for reference.

E-SOLAR provides the total solution of the solar power system

E-SOLAR provides the total solution from design, installation to maintenance of the solar power system. If you were interested in installing high-efficiency but low-cost “Japanese-made” solar power system please feel free to contact E-SOLAR.