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Because the power generation of solar power system can cover the daily usage, you can save the monthly electricity expense
If the power generation is not exhausted, the surplus electricity could be sold to a utility company and gain the revenue
Reduce the waste of electric power and have fun to check the monitor with the generation capacity.

Your home will be an ecological “power plant” from the day of system installation. Our all-in-one package gives care-free user experience.

You can use electricity generated by your solar power system in the daytime for daily life. On rainy days and at night, you can purchase electricity from a utility company as usual. If the generated power in the daytime exceeds your usage, you can sell excess electricity to a contracted utility company. The system changes these operations fully automatically.

Structure of Residential SolarPowerSystem

1 Solar Panel

  Generates electricity from sunlight
Converts sunlight energy into electricity (DC power)

2 Connection Box

  Sends generated power to the power conditioner.
Several cables from the panel are connected to the power conditioner

3 Power Conditioner

  Converts DC power into household AC power
Converts DC power generated by the solar panel into AC power, usable in home.
Has a system that intercepts the over current by thunderbolt etc

4 Monitor

  Check the power generation and consumption conditions visually
Visualizes the electric power information in the house to allow the user to actually experience the energy savings and an ecological life. Enhances power saving awareness

Introduce a convenient website about subsidy【SolarLife.com Search for subsidy】

There is a subsidy policy to support the installation of solar power system in Japan. The national, provincial and other subsidy could be searched in SolarLife.com“Search for subsidy”. Please key-in the postcode of your place and then click the “Check”.

※Regarding to the subsidy, please understand that information might be changes. E-SOLAR would not promise the content of subsidy. Please contact the institution to make sure the correct information.【Sorry, SolarLife.com is Japanese only.】